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   Copying/ Faxing/ Laminating

Copying/ Faxing/ Laminating

Office Services 


Black and white photcopying service.  Up to A3 size. Any number of copies made.

A4  (white paper)              Coloured paper             Parchment                Dbl sided

1-20 copies   10p               12p                                 14p                            15p

21- 50             9p               11p                                 13p                            14p

51-80              8p               10p                                 12p                            13p

81-200            7p                9p                                  11p                            12p

201-500          6p                8p                                  10p                            11p

A3>A4:  2 pence extra. 


Local (UK) destination: First page £1.00, additional pages 75p each.

European destination: First page £1.50, additional pages £1.00 each.

Destination outside Europe: First page £2.50, additional pages £2.00 each.  

Fax receiving

First page 50p, additional pages 0.25p each.


A4: £1 each.

A3: £1.75 each.

A5: 80p each.